Cows for Sale

Dear Friends,

We trust this letter finds you and yours doing well. We want to update you on some recent changes here at Black Grove and the resulting opportunity for you.

In the third quarter of last year my son, Dixon, resigned after 18 years as our ranch manager to pursue other opportunities in town. Needless to say, it has been a great loss but we want to support him and wish him every success in whatever endeavors he pursues outside of the family business.

As a result of this change and my age, we have decided to adjust our strategy by diversifying our revenue stream at Black Grove.

First, we are in the process of reducing our herd by 50%, which will reduce our stocking rates and the physical labor required to continue our seed stock operation.

Second, we have been successful in growing our Ranch to Table business and will be allocating more of our time in this arena.

Third, we are developing an event center, “The Venue at Black Grove,” for weddings, business meetings, sales, and other functions.

As a result of the above, we are currently offering an outstanding group of truly maternal genetics, confirmed pregnant for sale at private treaty. Please give me a call or email me if you have interest and/or any questions in this offering.

We invite you to come visit us and see these animals as well as others now for sale.


Bred Cows for Sale

Tattoo Name Reg # Birth Date
225 Black Grove Lady 225 17402641 9/24/12
362 Black Grove Black Belle 362 17963116 10/2/13
426 Black Grove Everelda Ent 426 17963112 1/20/14
519 Black Grove Enchantress 519 18279110 1/21/15
610 Black Grove Polly 610 19277911 1/12/16
731 Black Grove Lady 731 18914974 1/17/17
723 Black Grove Everelda Ent 723 18914381 3/27/17
837 Black Grove Everelda Ent 837 19657111 1/5/18
833 Black Grove Enchantress 833 19470053 1/7/18
860 Black Grove Black Belle 860 19714831 9/10/18
013 Black Grove Eriskay 013 19767188 1/29/20
033 Black Grove Forever Lady 033 20084412 1/14/20
053 Black Grove Everelda Ent 053 20014145 9/15/20
111 Black Grove Enchantress 111 20103823 1/26/21
157 Black Grove Enchantress 157 20322905 9/20/21
170 Black Grove Everelda Ent 170 20269589 12/3/21
177 Black Grove Enchantress 177 20313673 12/24/21
218 Black Grove Lady 218 20634360 4/8/22

Our sale cattle went through our drought this summer without ever recieving silage or feed. They are low input efficient cattle.

Buyers should be sure to ask the cow sellers, "did you feed your cows this summer?".
There is a bid difference!

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